Digital Systems

Our team offers expertise across multiple systems and disciplines focused on the digitization, automation, and overall improvement in the efficiency of plant operations and corporate processes. We leverage business application platforms, custom software development, cloud solutions, and many of a wide number of tools to provide quality data collection, analysis, and activation; near real-time feedback systems; reliable and easy-to-use interfaces for operations and in the lab; and maximally efficient, even automatic, work processes.

Integrating the Right Tools to Improve Usability, Reliability, and Efficiency

Using agile and rapid application development methodologies, our digital applications engineers and integrators collaborate closely with customers to understand a business process and address the needs across your organization. We will provide systems and options analysis to present viable strategies, prototype solutions, and deliver well-document and optimized systems.

  • Microsoft® Power Platform for Rapid Application Development leverages Microsoft SharePoint, Dataverse, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI to provide end-to-end solutions lightning-fast.
  • Microsoft® .NET Applications and Custom Software include Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Internet Information Services, and .NET (VB/C#/Javascript) to provide custom applications built specifically for your needs.
  • Microsoft® Azure for Integrated Cloud Solutions means Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions, Python, API Integrations, and more for an experience that provides access to the right data from the right systems at the right time without sacrificing user experience or device optimization.
  • Quality Data Collection, Analysis, and Activation provide near real-time feedback by capturing quality and other production values automatically or manually from web forms or lab equipment, processing information with Proficy Historian, and historizing control system process data, including visualization and analysis through charting, and basic alarming.
  • Non-Production Information Systems and Peripheral Devices implements management systems for inventory, documents, test samples, purchasing, receiving, and more, including using preferred printing and scanning technologies such as Zebra Label Printing, 2D Datamatrix Identification, and QR.

Making Digital Systems Work for You

We’re here to deliver digital systems solutions that move your business forward. Whether you’re planning for new equipment or production lines or retrofitting a component for added speed, innovation, or productivity, we’re ready to collaborate to get it right the first time.

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