Custom Fabrication & Development

Putting it All Together and Making it Work for You

A&A Development offers a facility and service to do development work in a one-stop shop format.​ We offer equipment design and custom fabrication, in addition to supporting the evolution of the equipment throughout its development cycle with technical support and testing.​ Our experience in technical design, prototyping, and manufacturing gives us a unique advantage in fulfilling our customers’ specific design/build and testing requirements.

The Alexander & Associates Development facility, with 30,000 square feet of custom fabrication and manufacturing space, is uniquely equipped to support design/build efforts. In-house support personnel and fabricating/manufacturing machinery mean A&A can handle any need throughout the design/build process. These skilled resources have vast experience and knowledge of testing, analysis of test result data, and process development for effectively delivering complete projects.

Comprehensive Custom Fabrication and Development Expertise

We have the experience, resources, and capabilities to handle a broad range of work. A&A’s long history of special machine design, complimented by our build capabilities, enables us to handle everything from single-part fabrication to turnkey design/build and run-off of custom machinery. We are recognized for our attention to detail and quality.


  • Turn-Key Machining & Custom Fabrication, including CNC milling & turning, CNC plate cutting & forming, welding using pulse MIG & TIG, stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. We also offer abrasive waterjet cutting, wire EDM and in-house powder coat painting.
  • In-House Manufacturing Processes include major equipment moving logistics and equipment assembly, rebuild and retrofit to secondary finishing, powder coating, passivation, plating, and polishing.
  • ERP Software Utilization for process and systems integration and real-time data facilitating supply chain management, lead time analysis, inventory control, maintenance tracking, and more.
  • Shop Area Isolation / IP Confidentiality to diligently and securely protect your investment in custom equipment, systems, and processes from R&D through commercialization.

Making Custom Fabrication Development Work for You

We’re here to deliver fabrication and development solutions to move your business forward. Whether you’re planning for new equipment or production lines or retrofitting a component for added speed, innovation, or productivity, we’re ready to collaborate to get it right the first time.

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