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Our mission is to understand the needs of our customers, and through superior quality service, evolve a partnership relationship “Designed To Work” as a direct contribution to the customer’s success.

The key elements in meeting this mission goal of superior quality are twofold: People and Customer Needs.


As a design service organization, Alexander & Associates recognizes that PEOPLE make an organization.  As a company we must develop a working environment that will retain quality personnel by providing an opportunity for challenge and growth.  We must then assist the expression of individual ideas in a free and spirited group collaboration driven by the needs of the customer.

Customer Needs:

Only through the success of our customer can we achieve success as a design firm.  We strive to contribute to our customer’s success through an understanding of their products and needs; with a focus on common goals, and, through this partnership, forge a mutually shared approach to excellence.

Since 1943, Alexander & Associates has consistently achieved excellent results across a broad segment of industry.